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Dr. Joanne Littlefair

December 2016: A lovely finale to a busy year – my macronutrient composition paper with Rob Knell is accepted in Plos ONE.

November 2016: I joined the group of Melania Cristescu at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I’m a Mitacs Industrial Fellow, which means that I’ll be collaborating closely with Jean Carreau at WSP Canada to develop metabarcoding tools for the biodiversity assessment of freshwater fish. So far I am loving my new home and am very excited by meeting new faces along with the potential for many new collaborations (also cream cheese bagels). It doesn’t hurt that my new lab team are super smart and we came first in the graduate student’s Christmas quiz!

October 2016: I finished up at Beth Clare’s group after an amazing year of getting trained up in environmental metagenomics. I also gave an invited talk at the University of Sheffield – thanks to Martin Garlovsky for hosting.

August 2016: My review paper with Dr Beth Clare is accepted in the Barcodes to Biomes special issue at Genome. You can find “DNA barcoding the food chain: from Sanger to high-throughput sequencing” here. For many weeks it was also in the top 5 most read articles on the Genome website.

July 2016: I won a £440 travel grant from the Life Sciences Initiative to attend the International Congress of Entomology conference in September and give a talk on the transgenerational effects of biopesticides. Thank you Life Sciences Initiative.

June 2016: I chaired Queen Mary’s WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) event “Women at the top of academia” discussion event.

May 2016: LERN are having a trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring on the 9th July.

My manuscript “Maternal pathogen exposure causes diet- and pathogen-specific transgenerational costs” with Alice Laughton and Rob Knell is accepted in Oikos. You can read our work here.

March 2016: A few photos from fieldwork and the MSc Ecology and Evolution field trip to Danum Valley, Borneo

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