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Dr. Joanne Littlefair

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Littlefair, J.E., Hleap, J.S., Palace, V., Rennie, M.D., Paterson M.J., Cristescu, M.E. Freshwater connectivity transforms spatially integrated signals of biodiversity bioRxiv

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Littlefair, J.E.*, Laughton, A.M., Knell, R.J. (2017) Maternal pathogen exposure causes diet- and pathogen-specific transgenerational costs Oikos 126 (1): 82-90 [PDF]


Littlefair, J.E.*, Knell, R.J. Within- and trans-generational effects of variation in dietary macronutrient content on life-history traits in the moth Plodia interpunctella PLoS ONE 11(12): e0168869 [PDF]

Littlefair, J.E.*, Clare, E.L., (2016) DNA barcoding the food chain: from Sanger to high-throughput sequencing Genome 59(11): 946-958 [PDF] (Barcodes to biomes special issue)

  • This article was among the top ten most frequently viewed downloaded papers on Genome’s website of 2016.

Clare, E.L., Chain, F.J.J., Littlefair, J.E., Cristescu, M.E. (2016) The effects of parameter choice on defining molecular operational taxonomic units and resulting ecological analyses of metabarcoding data Genome 59: 981-990 [PDF]

Littlefair, J.E.*, Nunn, K., Knell, R.J. (2016) The development of a synthetic diet for investigating the effects of macronutrients on the development of Plodia interpunctella. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 159: 305–310 [PDF]


Cotter, S. C., Littlefair, J. E., Grantham, P. J., & Kilner, R. M. (2013). A direct physiological trade-off between personal and social immunity. Journal of Animal Ecology. 82 (4): 846–853 (selected for entomology special issue) [PDF]


Littlefair, J.E*., Carreau, J., Webb, M., Öberg, M., Cristescu, M. (2017) “Environmental DNA (eDNA) as a next-generation biomonitoring tool”, a White Paper commissioned by William Sale Partnership (global company providing environmental management and consultancy services). [PDF]

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